The Bridal Procession - Descent Into Arcologies (2013)

Band : The Bridal Procession
Album : Descent Into Arcologies
Year : 2013
Genre : Death Metal , Deathcore

Tracklist :
1.A Paradoxical Utopia
2.Subterranean Abomination
3.Divine Enlightenment (Ft. Aaron Matts Of Betraying The Martyrs)
4.Lethal Miscalculation
5.Exhume The Cult
6.Process Of Illumination
7.A Solar Symbiosis
8.Birthing Of The Sick
9.Trapped In Hell
10.Pathological Enslavement
11.Universal Secrecy (Feat. Nick Arthur Of Molotov Solution)
12.Summoning Warmongers
13.Coalescing Destinies

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